Friday, December 4, 2009

'P' Family Sneak Peak

The 'P' Family contacted me recently to take some family photographs; I hope you enjoy your sneak peak.

The children were all adorable, polite, well-behaved and very co-operative.

'Z' even came prepared with his own poses, it was a riot. He apparently has a friend who does modeling, so I think they had been chatting and helping him to prepare.

He also helped position and direct his brother 'C', who graciously and dutifully obeyed (they just cracked me up, although I made sure to only do it inwardly). You could tell each was used to his role as younger or older brother and in all seriousness they have a very sweet brotherly bond.

Of course, little sister 'L' could not have been cuter. She has the most amazing big brown eyes, which I found completely mesmerizing and completely different to my three little ones with their blue eyes.

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