Monday, October 3, 2011

52 Week Project - Week 33

*Just as a reminder, this is a personal project I am undertaking this year, in order to shoot more and share more. Each week of 2011 will have a corresponding favorite photograph.

We have all had days like that. We are just done with the day! The ten days following our move, were exhausting and boring and just full of the mundane tasks like sorting through 'stuff' that was not moving with us and of course the cleaning.

My poor dear children. They were able to spend some time with various friends, who took pity on us, and them, but there were several days when they just had to come with us and suffer through it. Quality time was most certainly at a minimum and we were all pushed to our limits. This was the cute, sad yet adorable sight in the back of our van on one of those days. They were thoroughly exhausted, I mean how often does a seven year old fall asleep in the car, when you are only driving thirty minutes? Long road trip - maybe, but never on a short trip like that.

Love, love them so much!


  1. This is a fabulous picture. I love it!

  2. Aw thanks Kelli! We don't always think to take these photographs of the 'everyday' occurrences, but I know I will look back on this and it will bring back so many memories.