Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Six and Sassy! {Marin Child Portrait Photographer}

She started kindergarten last year and after making friends with several little girls who had no fringe (or bangs) she promptly announced that she too wanted to grow hers out . So over the last year we have invested in countless headbands, Alice bands - anything really to make the process a little easier. As of last week what was left of her fringe was well below her chin and she came home asking me to cut it again! She didn't give a specific reason why, just said that she wanted to cut it...after all that work! I told her we would wait a week or so, to really make sure that was what she wanted to do, after all it would take a year to grow out again if this was just a rash decision. Well it appears it wasn't, she really wanted to do this, so yesterday was the day.

She looks so different again, but I do love it and so does she. Love this sweet girl with all her enthusiasm and zest for life, she is an inspiration and joy to our family.

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