Monday, July 1, 2013

52 Weeks of 2013 - Week 26

We are already half way through this year!

I love making my kids laugh, they are so cute. My girls, as of this week have matching missing teeth, in spite of the two year age difference. Well of course I had to capture it, before it changes (any excuse).

They are sweethearts and they do humor me. I have learned over the years that if I keep our little shoots lighthearted and fun and short, everyone is pretty happy. I get a few shots, I do it all before they have a chance to start whining, I make them laugh (yep, I can be pretty funny), I capture them together and we're done...before they can complain that they're bored. I try to make it a positive experience, that they can enjoy and therefore maximize my chances of a favorable response the next time I ask them to let me take photos. Now sometimes, I will admit, there are groans when they see the camera, but for the most part I think we've found a little rhythm and that makes me incredibly happy.

Love them SO much!


  1. Such sweet photos!! I love their dresses, the creek :) and those smiles! They will be so glad that you had your camera out so often when they grow up. I love the quote too...good job Mama!!

  2. Thanks Mary - great location :) Funny thing is, I grabbed the two dresses on my way out the door and when we got there I asked them to give me 5 minutes before they started playing and pulled out the dresses, only to find out they were both Asia's! We made it work though and Bryt was a good sport to wear a dress 2 sizes too small.

  3. Fantastic photos! They almost seem the same size with their matching smiles and all. The creek looks so inviting. If only I looked as good as they do in those dresses. Ah, being a little girl.