Monday, December 16, 2013

52 Weeks of 2013 - Week 50

Last Friday my amazing husband graduated from Seminary with his Masters (Missiology with an Urban Concentration). I am incredibly proud of him. He worked hard, not only with his studies but also working full time, running his business and providing for his family.

In many ways it has been a long time coming. When I met this man, seventeen years ago, I knew he had a call on his life. He is a man who loves God and loves people and his greatest desire, all these years, has been to serve God, fully. He has done that faithfully, in whatever he has done.

He was always someone who wanted to be a doer, not just a talker. When our first child was born that desire increased dramatically, as he felt the burden of being a real life example to his own children. Willing to risk it all, not just talk about risking it all and making sacrifices. Some may wonder at a grown man, with a family to support, going back to school, but there are times when we do what we must, regardless of what others may think. Could he have continued running his business, with some ministry here and there, as time would allow? Of course. But by furthering his education, new doors can open, new opportunities to serve more fully.

It has not been the easiest few years and there have been challenges, but this was a great accomplishment.

For now, this non-denominational, baptist seminary attendee, is returning to Anglican roots and pursuing ordination. In the meantime, there is some more studying to be done....but watch this space.

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