Wednesday, March 5, 2014

52 Weeks of 2014 - Week 9

I had a meeting in the city (San Francisco) on Tuesday morning and as my husband did not have any work scheduled, he came in with me so that we could spend time together afterwards. There is so much of this city that I have not yet seen and it turned out it was a day with many attractions offering free entrance.

I had grabbed my camera, as we headed out of the door and for some reason I had decided to also bring my macro lens. It's not one I bring as a matter of course, it's for detail shots and is fun, but not always useful. When I saw that the Conservatory of Flowers was on the list of freebies, I knew immediately that was where I wanted to go. It was fun to wander through, just the two of us and admire plants we don't see in every day life (and without little ones tugging on our clothes to let us know they were bored and ask when we could leave)!

Next time he gets to choose where we head to.

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