Thursday, April 29, 2010

Two and in control

Some days are harder than others. Today my sweet two year old decided, in all her wisdom, that she was not going to take a nap. Her older siblings both took naps, but she is two and is testing all the boundaries! The fact of the matter is, you cannot force a person to sleep.

I was tired and full of cold, with a house that needs to be tidied and photos that need to be edited. I had not picked up my camera in days and the field behind us full of grass looked inviting. I know that one day I will miss my baby being two and mischievous and oh so controlling so we headed out to take some shots.

I love this little monkey, more than she will ever know.


  1. This could shot could win awards. Love you sweet Juanita and know that I'm in NO HURRY AT ALL. Enjoy life and take advantage of every moment you have with your darlings. I know you do.


  2. Karen you are so sweet! Don't worry I'm still working on yours too, are you checking back every day?!!!

  3. No. Only every other day:) and partly cause I love your shots. You do have the eye. I haven't had a chance to reply to your lovely email. Will do that soon. Hugs to your darlings.