Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wedding - Dan and Karen's Sneak Peek

My sweet friend Karen was married on March 27th. It was a beautiful, fun, relaxed occasion. Her family are just wonderful and the day was filled with joy and laughter. I am beyond thrilled that Karen has found a man to share her life with.

It is so hard to choose just a few photographs for the sneak peek, but she has been waiting (maybe) patiently, so choose I must.

I love the 'getting ready' time; hanging out with the bride was my main reason for shooting this wedding.

This cool old truck belonged to Karen's great grandfather and is almost 100 years old. Her dad was so cute and came up with the whole story behind this; he is driving off with his daughter, mom is mad, groom is chasing after them. How fun is that? Certainly not your typical 'formal'!

Then as the sun was about to set, we headed out for a few last shots in the wild flowers.

May you have a blessed marriage, full of laughter and love, rich with friendships (both near and far). I am SO glad I was able to truly share your whole day with you. Love you my friend :)

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  1. Dan and I have sent these to family and friends everywhere and they are just wowed. Thank you Juanita for sharing this moment with me. I will treasure the memory of your gentle, loving, and generous presence that day forever. I am beyond a doubt blessed to call you friend.