Saturday, February 5, 2011

52 Week Project - Week 5

It is such a strange thought to me, that in just a few short months she will be the only one at home with me all of the time. My sweet girl has changed so much since turning three in December and one aspect that I have really noticed, is her new desire for independent play. Sure she loves to play with her older brother and sister, but she is also loving her own little world of her imagination.

I love the vivid imagination that each of my children has, their ability to play and entertain themselves without the constant need for television or computer games. Neither of those is banned from our house, but they are used in moderation with limits. I would so much rather they just play and have fun and just get to be kids. This time in their lives is so short lived, so important, so foundational and we can never gain it back again.

This playing is their work, it is serious business...just look at the concentration on her face and her little tongue. Love, love, love this little girl and the person she is becoming.

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