Sunday, April 24, 2011

52 Week Project - Week 16

Just a very simple one from last week. My children constantly remind me that I over-complicate things, even life. There are chores and responsibilities and to-do lists and the reality is that they are never ending. There are always things to worry about. Where are my priorities? Where is the joy?

Children want to have fun! They know how to have fun, they can turn the park that they have been to one thousand times into a fun adventure. Life is simple and sweet (as long as mom is not nagging them to tidy their toys or clothes again!)

I am so glad they have each other, I am so glad that they have this time to be children, to enjoy the world around them, without having to constantly rely on TV or electronic equipment to keep them entertained. I want to protect this short window of time for them, to allow them to not be overly-scheduled, to let them play and

Yes there is training and preparing for the life ahead of them, and responsibilities to learn. They live in a different age than we grew up in, with a whole new world of pressures we never knew, but this still should be a time of freedom and fun.

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