Friday, April 29, 2011

52 Week Project - Week 17

My sweet three year old. She loves her ballet classes and yet this last week she seemed quite detached. Before we had even left the house she was saying that she did not want to dance, she just wanted to watch. Well I told her that she needed to be ready, in case she changed her mind. When we arrived, we found that instead of class being in the main room on the stage, a conference was going on and her class had been moved to a smaller room. This was a first for her and she seemed to become even more uncomfortable.

She was not her usual confident self, she seemed shyer and more reserved and even at one point shed a few tears. It broke my heart a little to see this other side of her, but she came through it.

How often do we take the easy road, the wide road traveled by so many before us? It is the safe route, for sure, but are we really living to our full potential within those confines? Creativity often involves trying something different, or new, and there might be a risk involved.

A tiny spark is all that is needed to start the fire, it does not start as a raging furnace. Maybe, in order for our wildest dreams to become reality we just need to take that first tiny step.

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