Saturday, June 11, 2011

52 Week Project - Week 23

All children should get to experience carefree pleasures that bring simple joy. Blowing dandelions is one of those experiences, that is almost magical. I think I get almost as excited as them, in the same way as blowing bubbles, or the candles on a birthday cake...why is that?

I know that to some they are just an ugly weed, annoying and uncontrollable, but there is something mysterious and alluring about them. The perfect little yellow flower, so bright and happy, which changes into a ball of fluff, strong, yet delicate and irresistible. There is excitement and anticipation as breath is drawn, and then the releasing, of breath and seeds, floating gently away, like parachutes they gently fall, to start a new life. Quite amazing!

Sometimes the simplest things are the most beautiful.

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  1. What a lovely photograph. I just caught up on your project photos...what a pleasure to see them and read your little stories about them. I can hear your voice so well:)