Monday, May 21, 2012

Nelson Family Sneak Peek {Marin County Family Portrait Photographer}

We all mean to have family photographs taken on a somewhat regular basis. We know our children are growing and changing daily and that by next year they will be in a completely different stage. It will be harder to remember exactly what our family is like now, a year from now. Life does not slow down and before you know it more time has passed than you would have liked.

I love looking at our family photos from over the years, seeing the changes and the progression. I love helping to capture that for others. These are important memories and times worth capturing!

This lovely family have had a tough year. An adoring mom, who truly found real joy in her family; her children, who cherished being a stay-at-home-mom like few I know, was forced to return back to work. I know it was not what she would have chosen, but sometimes difficult decisions are forced upon us. She and her husband are a team though and she recognized that this was what had to be done. It's at times like these when we cling to what matters most: our faith, our family and friends. Life is not always going to be easy, we were never promised that.

I love the love that they have for each other, that at the end of the day, they are each others safe place. I am so glad that this shoot finally took place. It was a beautiful evening, with gorgeous light, for this beautiful family.

It was hard to narrow down a few for this post, but here is a sneak peek. Enjoy!


  1. Sooooo beautiful!! I don't think that I have ever teared up at any one else's family portraits but there were just so many great emotions captured...well done Juanita and what a gorgeous family Joe and Becky!! xoxo

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  3. Wow, that is so weird Mary....I had the same response! The photos are so true to these people and when I got to the one of Joe and Becky hugging I cried! Maybe it's hormones but these photos are fantastic. Love this this photographer:)

    Whoops! I first replied as John...but my words would have been weird coming from him. :P

  4. Joe and Becky, the photos are absolutely beautiful! They bring out the love from God that shows in every smile of each of you! I agree with everyone else, they brought tears to my eyes! Vance and I are so blessed that you are all a part of our lives! It is a pleasure to watch Claire and Sam grow up in Children's Ministry! Great Photograher! Love you guys!