Monday, May 14, 2012

A Day in the Life - May 2012

I recently read a blog post that totally resonated with me. It was all about how often photographers end up neglecting the documentation of their own families. Sometimes it can be due to being too busy with client work, or a lack of inspiration, or just not being able to balance everything. The photographer went on to say that she now chooses one day each month to document, from morning to night, so that each month she is guaranteed photographs of her family and her life.

I felt challenged and inspired, so I am starting it too! May 1st was my first attempt, as I figured the 1st of each month would be the easiest to remember. I haven't made any rules for myself, but will try to post by mid-month a few of the photos from that day.

These are not technically perfect (far from it), or portrait-worthy, this is just real life (try not to be jealous of my laundry and dishes!). If you are doing something similar leave me a comment with a link to where I can follow along with you, I would love that!

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  1. SO cool. Well done. I love "real life" photos and these capture your lives. I look forward to June.