Friday, September 21, 2012

Space Shuttle Endeavour

NASA's Space Shuttle Endeavour flew over the Bay Area this morning (atop a 747) on the last phase of her journey to Los Angeles, where she will spend the rest of her days in a museum.

It was a beautiful morning, so after taking the two older children to school I headed out with my littlest to see what we could see. We waited, anxious and excited, with a small crowd who had gathered; some walking dogs, some with binoculars or cameras (many with smartphones, checking the progress on Twitter or the news).

It was incredible to watch from our vantage point in Strawberry, Mill Valley, as she circled the Bay. We were granted a striking view and I could not believe how close she flew by; it was spectacular, moments I will not forget. To know that she had flown into space 25 times and now was flying her final farewell, right above our heads was pretty amazing, although also a little sad. So glad I got to see it.