Thursday, December 20, 2012

Day In the Life - December 2012

Often photographers end up neglecting the documentation of their own families. Sometimes it can be due to being too busy with client work, or a lack of inspiration, or just not being able to balance everything. This is my 'Day in the Life Project'. I have chosen the first day each month to document, from morning to night, so that each month I am guaranteed photographs of my family and my life.

My blog, my once again my day to document didn't land on the 1st,  instead I chose one of our family days. Saturday, December 8th, was a fun day; we started out with the Christmas Cafe and Children's Store (a seminary event) in the morning, stopped to visit friends and have lunch, then continued our annual tradition of cutting down our Christmas Tree. A couple of years ago we discovered Celesta Farms, in Sebastopol and have never looked back. They are a family run farm, with great prices and we love that as returning customers we get a $5 discount as well as the free coffee, hot chocolate or cider and cookies.

These are not technically perfect (far from it), or portrait-worthy, this is just real life. If you are doing something similar leave me a comment with a link to where I can follow along with you, I would love that!

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