Friday, December 7, 2012

A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes {Marin County Head Shots Photographer}

I am so excited for Jenna. She is taking risks and trying new things so that she won't look back later in life, with regret, wondering what might have happened if she had just tried.

She is a beautiful, genuine young lady hoping to become a real life Disney princess!

Of course even princesses need a resume, but unlike most 'regular' positions, they also need head shots. Enter moi. Of course looking this good, my job was pretty easy.

Wishing you every success Jenna, have fun in Disneyworld next week.


  1. pretty! She looks like a Disney princess already! You took some lovely shots!

  2. She's absolutely lovely and you did a great job with her portraits! She looks sweet, wholesome, friendly and approachable. Hope she nails it! :)