Monday, November 11, 2013

52 Weeks of 2013 - Week 45

Childhood is so fleeting. Before we know it, those helpless babies are crawling, walking, then all too quickly running. The cries become words then sentences and all of a sudden there are full, two-way conversations. Time speeds by and we cannot stop it, try as we might.

A little girl was feeling sad this day. Her older brother and sister and cousins had taken off without her, up a steep, loose gravel hill and try as hard as she could, she was unable to follow them. She sat forlornly, fighting back the tears and I felt a little helpless. Had I not been wearing flip flops, or had two dogs in tow, I may have attempted to make the treacherous climb with her, but given those circumstances, it was not an option. I know she loves me, but in that moment she would rather have been exploring with the big kids, than hanging out with her Mom.

She didn't want consoling, she was trying to be strong! I know these instances are growing further apart and happening with lesser frequency. All too soon they'll all be off having their own fun, as I watch (and cheer) from the sidelines. That moment, was one more for me to just be with her, to turn the sad into a smile, to create something special, for just the two of us. So we went on a little treasure hunt, searching for conkers. It was our own little adventure and she was so proud. I guess 'conkers' isn't really played over here, but she knew exactly what I was talking about, she'd seen it on a Kipper episode. She was excited and happy...and so was I.

As mothers, our role is constantly changing. We go from being the be all and end all, to a helper, a teacher, an encourager, having finally to release, to be a cheerleader and supporter and hopefully in the end a friend. Each stage so far has been so sweet and as I see my role needing to change it continues to be bittersweet, but I hope to cherish each one and to keep depositing into those memory banks.

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