Saturday, January 31, 2015

Photo A Day for February 2015

This move half way across the world has not been the easiest. Dealing with emotions and kids' emotions and trying to figure out what our new life looks like and what I am supposed to do with MY life, has not left a lot of motivation to pick up my camera. We are not outdoors as often as we used to be, because it's either freezing or wet here, or often both at the same time. I don't feel as inspired or as motivated. So it's time to get ruthless.

It's been a while since I have done a photo a day, a few years even, but I need a new kickstart, so for February that is exactly what I plan to do. Force myself to pick up my camera, force myself to shoot something, anything, because now that I've posted it here on the blog, even if only one person reads it, there is an accountability.

There's no theme, unless one develops, no promises of beauty or extreme creativity, but there WILL be a photo each day. I can't promise writing or captions each day even but there will be a photo, even if it kills me!

Feel free to follow along, or check in occasionally and I'd love any encouragement along the way :)

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