Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day 2016

These three (four) are so blessed to have the best daddy. They were each so excited to work on their own projects for father's day gifts and did a great job. They woke us this morning (a little too early, did I mention they were excited?) with tea and coffee and took our breakfast in bed orders, yay for them getting older!

Then they each proudly presented their gifts. They all know that they are loved and were so happy to show their love in return, each in their own way.

I am so grateful for the man that is their daddy, for the great example he is and the way he takes cares of us all. It's not a role he takes for granted and we are raising wonderful children together. Some days may seem hard but all you are doing is so very important, so to all the father's out there doing the same, but especially to my love, Happy Father's Day!

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