Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Twenty Years!

I feel so incredibly fortunate and thoroughly blessed to have spent TWENTY YEARS(!!!) married to this exceptional man. Twenty wonderfully beautiful, fun, crazy, sweet, life changing years! That ’s a huge amount of time to be with one person and yet, somehow, it has flown by, and I would do it all over again. I have zero regrets. He has loved me so very well. I am not the easiest person and I cannot imagine anyone else loving me in the same way, being willing to always look for the best in me, to constantly affirm my beauty in his eyes, building up my self-worth. Our culture leaves us constantly questioning what is desirable, or sexy, it ’s a daily battle, but he has fought that battle for me, by actively showing and speaking his love, by telling me daily that I am beautiful, by constantly pursuing me. I might have a long way to go, but he has made a massive impact on my self-esteem. I have felt cherished and wanted and loved, and even though I am not the 23 year old he married, he can still make me feel that way. To me that is truly amazing!

We have grown up together, and made a wonderful family together, and I can honestly say, in all these years, through the easy and harder parts of life, I have never, even once, questioned or doubted that we should be together. Where I am thoroughly practical, he brings adventure and passion. He makes me laugh, makes life more fun, more enjoyable. I feel like I was the one who hit the jackpot when he chose me; the material stuff is overrated, this type of love, the self-sacrificing, the choosing each other over and over again, and gladly being able to do so, not just because it was a vow you made, this is what makes for a happy life. I am so very grateful and I will love him forever!

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