Monday, June 26, 2017

Couple's Photoshoot

Having photos taken can be a little awkward, let's be honest. Maybe not if you're a supermodel, used to posing all day long, but for most of us who are just regular people, there's nothing worse than being told by your photographer to 'Just pretend I'm not here!', and then what?

I love to capture genuine interactions and people being themselves, so I help create the moment and provide ideas and suggestions, then let you do your thing and be yourselves. I recently did a little shoot for my lovely sister and her Paul....I can't call him her boyfriend, they've been together for seven years and live together, so he's more than that...but they're not married, so he's not her husband. If there's an appropriate term, someone please let me know :P

They're pretty cute together!

Relationships are worth celebrating and documenting, whether you're newly in love, or an old married couple, or something in between. Don't forget who you are together and all that you have. Life gets busy, but the people we love should always be the priority.

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