Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Time Flies {Bay Area Child Portrait Photographer}

It amazes me how fast my children are growing up. I seriously can remember bringing this boy home from the hospital as though it were yesterday, how he completely changed my life forever. I look at him now and he is a big boy! He seems so grown up and mature and I, unfairly, expect so much from him, forgetting how young he really is. How can he be so big and little at the same time? It is very confusing.

He had my undivided attention for two whole years and we went everywhere together. Then we added some sisters into the mix and now he is in school and our times together are limited, as well as shared. It was definitely time for a little one on one photo session, with no little girls in the picture. Daddy likes his caps, so I recently bought one for my boy too and it was just the incentive he needed.

I love this wonderful little boy who likes to grow his hair long each year, whose teeth are falling out and growing in and look a little goofy. He has such a sweet heart; everybody in the whole world is his best friend he tells us, there is no favoritism here. I love that he is sensitive and that he can still be silly and have fun, like every child should.

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