Friday, April 6, 2012

I was just thinking the other day, what a blur February was...and we're already in April,what even happened to March?!

I need to do a little bit of catching up, not the least of which is photos of my two oldest children who both celebrated birthdays in February. At the beginning of February Arran turned eight. Sigh!

He is becoming such a big boy, yet he retains a sweet boyishness and innocence that I love. Still a rule follower and reserved in many situations, at home we get to see his silly side. I love his little face, and his smile with his grown up teeth has changed how he looks, more than I anticipated.

Then there's my girl Bryttain. Ah what a long way we have come. This was the year she started school and I think we found a new appreciation for each other. Always my independent go-getter, she became a little clingy, she holds my hand more often and it is so wonderful to have her run into my arms for a huge hug at the end of each day when I pick her up. She is doing so well at school and has made lots of new friends. She also decided that she no longer wanted to have a fringe (or bangs for my American readers) so we are in the process of growing out her hair which makes a huge difference to how she looks. She grows more beautiful each day. Where did those six years go?

Beautiful children, inside and out - I am one blessed Mama! Love them so much!

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