Monday, April 23, 2012

Beltran Baby Sneak Peek {Mill Valley Newborn Photographer}

I remember, when I was much younger, thinking that all babies looked the same. The truth is, that until I had my own, I really did not pay much attention to babies. Now that thought seems quite bizarre and I wonder who I used to be to think in such a way?

I am still astounded by how much a child can look so much like each of it's parents or siblings. Family genes run so strong. Now as I look at various newborns, it is hard to see similarities, other than the general size and need for care. Each baby, from birth, is unique with their own features and little personality. No two are the same.

I had the pleasure of photographing another little nugget, a baby brother this time. It took a while for him to fall asleep but then he slept hard for us, even through hat changes. I am not a photographer who carries a large stash of props (when I arrive at a house for a shoot I already look like I'm moving in) but would rather use things that have meaning to the family, whether it be a favorite blanket, or toy or item of clothing that is theirs, that or just the sweet newborn nakedness. This Mama is a crocheter and had a beautiful blue blanket as well as a couple of hats she had made for her sweet boy, she was well prepared.

Kalli, I do hope you are getting some sleep (hard with a little one and a baby, I remember)...I promise it keeps getting easier.

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