Thursday, July 19, 2012

Welcome Baby Owen - Bjerke Sneak Peek {Davis Newborn Photographer}

You are duly warned, this is a picture heavy post :)

Two people making a new, perfect combination of themselves and in a moment life is changed forever! Each child brings change, but the firstborn turns lives upside down. Never did time fly so fast and so slow simultaneously. Sheer exhaustion and elation.

It is an amazing thing when a child is welcomed and loved and a family is created. The chance to finally understand, in the smallest of ways, how our parents must have felt, the chance for relationships to change and grow.

It was so great to visit Jenny and Mark and see them as parents! Crazy in some ways, yet perfectly natural now that it has happened. I loved his little room they worked on, with all the owl details. I wonder how many hours were lovingly put into making each little owl perched on the branches of the tree and hanging from the mobile?

Owen is the cutest baby, all 9lbs 2oz of him. Just look at his adorable lips and chubby cheeks. If I was his Mama I would be kissing and squeezing him all day long.

Of course there was even an owl hat!

 They are a family!
Congratulations again Jenny and Mark, Owen is just perfect!


  1. Thanks Juanita! I love these! You are so talented. Thanks also for capturing baby Owen's room.

  2. Really nice pictures of the newcomer!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!! I love the last three photos! Such a sweet family!

  4. Love the pics. Owen is so adorable. Thanks for sharing. He's such a chunk. Love all his little rolls. Reminds me of me lol. Hope all is going well with your new little family.

  5. Wonderful pictures - he is so precious! Can't wait to meet him. I think he looks like his daddy - is that the consensus?

    Keep the photos flowing!

    Love you guys.
    Aunt Jody and Uncle Don

  6. what a little doll. No offense Mark, but I think his early look is a little weaverish. He looks so snugabble