Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The End of Summer

We don't have a garden at the moment so when I visit friends who do, I love to get out my macro lens and see what I can capture. It was slim pickings last week, but I found this beauty. Nothing can compare to the elegance of a rose.

Today's storms reminded me that Summer is well and truly gone, but there is a welcome familiarity to the changing of seasons. Christmas is around the corner, bringing with it more family time and the chance for life to slow down again. So as I listen to the rain, or my children bickering, I remind myself again that I get to choose if my glass is half full, or half empty...and I strive to look for the positives. It doesn't always come easily for me, but I am being intentional, reminding myself of all the good things and hoping for much more.

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