Monday, February 18, 2013

52 Weeks of 2013 - Week 7

I have a love, hate, relationship with the ocean. It fills me with a sense of wonder, much like outer space. It is a place I know so little about, it draws me in, fascinated by another 'world', yet it also terrifies me. It is vast and huge and I would surely drown in a moment, completely helpless at it's non-giving mercy.

I would rather sit, cautiously removed, listening to the waves lap the shore. In safety. That is me, I will happily admire from a distance. Most often though, the protected place is not the most fulfilling.

I know we cannot all plunge the depths to view the mysteries the ocean holds, but it is a metaphor for life. Sometimes we do need to take risks and go deeper, to see true beauty. Yes, it may be scary, but once we do that, will we ever look back?

(These photos were all taken at the Aquarium of the Bay, San Francisco)

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