Monday, June 10, 2013

52 Weeks of 2013 - Week 23

It's not easy being the middle child; not the baby, not the older responsible one. Throw in being tired and having a long day at school and all of a sudden life can seem SO hard. When a strong willed, middle child feels hard done by, or even wronged, it can sometimes lead to storming off, or even a little fit, of sorts.

Sometimes a mother, who is just as tired, has very low tolerance for such antics and is happy to let said child spend time on her own in her room. Thankfully though, there is a wonderful daddy who can recognize that maybe that same child actually just needs a bit of extra attention and one-on-one time and all of a sudden the joy and laughter is restored.

I am so grateful for a husband who does not see things as black-and-white as I do, who has compassion and grace for his children, in different ways than I. I am grateful too, for this daughter who holds so much promise and really does bring so much happiness to our home.

It was wonderful to walk in and see this sight and just step back and be able to document it.

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