Monday, April 1, 2013

52 Weeks of 2013 - Week 13

I met Jerusha over a decade ago. She was wise beyond her years, with a grace and presence few can deny. Over the years we have shared many cups of tea and chatted about adventures and love lives and hopes and dreams. There were many of us, over the years, who were surprised that she had not been 'snapped up', who were hoping and praying with her, for her fairy tale ending.

Waiting is not always easy. Not when it seems to be your constant 'season'. Not when it seems that all around you are reaching their dreams. However, I think all of us who had the pleasure of attending this wedding can attest to...Bert was the one she had been waiting for and he was worth the wait. Jerusha was positively radiant.

I was not on duty for this wedding, but could not resist getting a few shots of the first dance and capturing the joy of dancing with her husband for the first time. Such precious moments!

So incredibly happy for the both of you!

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