Monday, May 20, 2013

52 Weeks of 2013 - Week 20

There are those RARE moments in life when your little girls say "Mommy! Take a picture of us" and you don't argue, you grab your camera quickly and don't worry about what the background looks like, or whether outfits match perfectly, or are cute enough. Then they spontaneously hug each other without you  asking them to. They smile....then they really surprise you and even do a sweet kiss and you are just doing as you were told and documenting that they really do love each other. Which, of course you knew.

Sometimes, though, with all the bickering and yelling and pinching, you wonder if they will both survive, or if you will even be able to handle the teenage years if it's already like this now. So you'll take these moments and treasure them and of course record them. They will be proof. (One day you may need to shove a photo like this in their faces and remind them how they really are best friends because, maybe, for brief moments they might forget.)

I realize, this could just be how it is with my kids and yours may be just perfect at all times, loving and sweet and kind to each other. But, I seriously doubt it.

Love these unscripted moments. Sigh.


  1. I've never once seen your children bicker, yell, or pinch. I don't believe it. :P

  2. Ha Ha! Well we have trained them pretty well to not act that way in public :P