Monday, May 27, 2013

52 Weeks of 2013 - Week 21

I am one of those rule followers, I admit it! However, I was out on Saturday afternoon with my girls and we stumbled upon a park. It was a beautiful day, but not overly hot and said park had a water feature. The girls spotted it at once, but I told them we had no swim suits, no towels, no change of clothes, so it wouldn't work that day and steered them towards the rest of the playground. They were a little disappointed but there was other new equipment to explore and they were soon happily climbing and playing.

As I watched them laughing and giggling together and reflected on the fact that they hadn't complained and whined at being told 'no' for today I decided to let them do it. Who really cared if they got wet?

I didn't tell them right away, I told them it was time to start heading out and as we got closer to the water they asked me again "Please Mommy?"!

I didn't have to tell them yes twice. They were thrilled! They tossed aside their shoes and just went for it.  The water would spurt at varying intensities at different times and from different directions and the anticipation then squeals, the sheer joy and excitement was priceless.

There was no holding back, they got thoroughly drenched, and enjoyed every moment. They were kids being kids, having fun, being free. Not much can beat that.

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  1. I'm so blessed you are the mother of my children!