Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Being Proactive

I LOVE my family SO much. Yet I so often fall short.

I can be grumpy (especially in the morning before I've had my tea). I get frustrated easily. I can snap and I get angry and impatient. I am far from perfect and I am blessed that my family loves me and forgives me for all my short-comings.

But...I want to do better! I need a constant reminder of what true love is and what it should really look like.

Wanting to be more proactive and actually work on this, I made myself this little card that can be printed off as a 6 x 4 and tucked into the corner of the mirror over my dresser, or over the sink in the kitchen or in my purse. I've left it as full resolution so you can do the same too, if you would like. You should be able to right click and save it to your computer - I give you permission :P,  then just upload it to your printing lab of choice, easy-peasy. It's nothing fancy, but I wanted to share.

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