Friday, January 7, 2011

52 Week Project - Week 1

So every Christmas, my lovely sister spends her hard earned cash and flies over from freezing England to visit us, in...very cold California. It really is not much better here at this time of year, yes we, unfortunately, have winters too. She could go somewhere hot, but instead she chooses to spend time with family. She spoils her nephew and nieces, she lets my husband and I get a night away without the kids, she hangs out with us and puts up with us. It is fun for me to have somebody to shop with, it is fun for the kids to have someone else paying them close attention and showing them love, in the way only family does.

She is kind and generous. She is beautiful, inside and, obviously, out. She is loyal, she has good taste. She is honest and she cares about others. She has so much to give and would make someone an amazing wife, although she says she has finally reached the place where she can be happy being single. She makes me laugh. She listens to me, like only a sister can...she jabs at me, like only a sister can! I cannot say enough good things about her and miss her already.

Of course with as willing a model as she was, although that is my official selection for the 52 week project, I have to share a few more.

This one was a close contender for the 1/52 place.
 Don't forget to check back by next Friday for the second week of this project and if you decide to do something similar leave me a comment so I can follow along with you too.

 One down, fifty one to go!


  1. Just gorgeous!! will she use some of these as professional headshots? I especially love the one of her standing up in jeans and the motorcycle one!

  2. Sisters are the best! And it's heart breaking when their live in other country... I know it too well my self. Lovely pics. Liked them all and loved the last one.

  3. Gorgeous is the only word for these. I wanted to be different with my comment, but nothing else fits. Great work!

  4. Thanks everyone! Gina - I love when new people find me and COMMENT!!!!