Saturday, January 8, 2011

Help on the journey.

In my photography journey, the internet has been an invaluable tool for learning and inspiration; without it my photography would not be where it is today. I joined a photography forum and there are numerous blogs I frequent as well as Google, when I need to find a specific tutorial or help with editing (which these days, is a huge part of photography).

I already mentioned The Creative Mama Blog as they are doing a 52 week photography challenge, with bi-weekly themes and another one I am following along with and who are providing weekly themes, is MCP Actions. Their theme this week was 'Around the House' and their week runs Saturday-Friday.

Well we got to Friday afternoon (this first week was a shorter week) and I suddenly realized that I had yet to take and submit my photograph. I was kind of lost for what to shoot, it was late in the afternoon and a dreary day, so lighting was horrible and my house (not unusual) was a mess. I decided to reach for my macro lens, which enables me to take great close-up detail shots (thereby minimizing seeing surrounding mess ;P ). I shot a couple of different things; a plate of feathers I had bought at Michaels, details of carving in my new wood bench, before I walked into the bedroom and saw my open jewelry case with necklaces hanging innocently enough.

Anyway, just thought I would share the photo I chose for this theme. Next week's theme is 'Illustrate a Song', I will have to get my thinking cap on for that!

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