Wednesday, December 7, 2011

52 Week Project - Week 40

*Just as a reminder, this is a personal project I am undertaking this year, in order to shoot more and share more. Each week of 2011 will have a corresponding favorite photograph; snapshots from my life.

My children are so good for me. They constantly remind to loosen up and lighten up. Our lives can be filled with 'should' when maybe we just need to breathe and think about what we might want to do, what might refresh us and lift our spirits.

These three could spend hours just running from the waves, they love it! I love to watch them having fun, the smiles on their faces, the giggles and squeals, the exhausted shivering when all is said and done and I get to bundle them up in a towel. One day they will, most likely, grow out of this and calmly sit and watch the waves as they munch on their lunch, but for now I will enjoyed the wasted lunches they were too busy having fun to eat. I will take my snapshots and try to think of the things that bring me such joy.

What do your children teach you?

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