Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Engels' Sneak Peek {Bay Area Family Portrait Photographer}

Our first shoot date we were rained out, but the following weekend we could not have asked for a more beautiful morning. This adorable family, not only got up at the crack of dawn, they even bathed their kids and made it down to Crissy Field an hour after sunrise. Amazing. I was duly impressed!

I am not a morning person, as my husband will confirm, but the light was gorgeous and made it all worthwhile. There was not even a hint of fog, the sky was perfectly blue and we were able to get the bridge in the background as we had hoped for.This family was fun and relaxed. Photographing younger children, but really with any age, this is key. Children will pick up on any stress or tension and this is a time for laughter and fun and enjoying being together. Let the little things go and go with the flow.

This pair are great parents and the love they have for their boys is clearly evident. I love it, especially, when a father is not afraid to show affection, we need more dads like this in the world. We got some family shots, parent and child and even a few with just mom and dad. How often has that happened since your wedding day?

Hattie and Kurt I hope you enjoy your sneak peek, your full gallery should be up in just a few more days.

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