Thursday, December 29, 2011

52 Week Project - Week 49

*Just as a reminder, this is a personal project I am undertaking this year, in order to shoot more and share more. Each week of 2011 will have a corresponding favorite photograph; snapshots from my life.

OK so you can't actually see the Christmas trees and this is just an iphone snap, but I love it because it is my family and I love my family. Plus I'm so rarely IN the photograph (which really needs to change). We took this the weekend we went to choose and cut down our Christmas, as is our tradition. We drive out to Celesta Farms, in Sebastapol (which is now a much further drive, but still worth it). After finding the perfect tree and sawing it down, we drink our free hot cider, hot chocolate or coffee, eat the cookies and watch whilst daddy ties the tree to the top of our minivan. Good times!

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