Thursday, December 8, 2011

52 Week Project - Week 41

*Just as a reminder, this is a personal project I am undertaking this year, in order to shoot more and share more. Each week of 2011 will have a corresponding favorite photograph; snapshots from my life.

The end of the year is far too rapidly approaching and I need to catch up on posting for this project. Keep checking back, you might see a sudden flurry of activity. This was from week 41.

My three little ragamuffins. They fill my heart! Of course we have days with whining and fighting and telling tales on one another (no pretense here of a perfect family, with perfectly well behaved children at all times) but they are the best of friends. They really do love each other and what more could a mother ask for?

Their relationships with each other will change over the years, but I will have the proof of the love. As I look at this photograph I can almost fast forward to the teenage years and I have high hopes that they will look out for one another when we cannot be there. The big brother with his arms around his sisters, fending off all his friends who are vying for their affections. He is a great brother, but I am far from ready for those days. It kind of terrifies me!

One day at a time, living in the now...sometimes that is all we can, or should, do.

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