Friday, February 3, 2017

February Photo Project 2017 - Photo A Day - Day 3

Each of my kids is totally different; creative in their own ways. One of the things about homeschooling is that I can say 'Go paint!' (or draw, or any other medium I choose) and they have to do it, because I'm the teacher and it's part of our schooling. They're talented and I know they enjoy it when they sit down and set their minds to it. Maybe if I wasn't telling them to do this right now, they'd opt for something else, like computer time...but maybe we'll get to the point where they love it enough that it will be something they choose to do on their own (some are further along that road than others). 

Creativity is like a muscle that needs to be exercised and the more you use it, the easier and more enjoyable it becomes. It's another reason I push myself to do this each year, because I get lazy too and it's just the jolt I need to remind myself how much I love this craft.*

*As in years past, I am once again doing a February photo project and will post a photo a day. It may only be one month of the year, but I love to look back on these photos and it never hurts to have a bit of discipline. No real rules, just our life documented a little. Maybe there'll be captions, maybe not, there could be the occasional phone photo thrown in on busier days and sometimes it may be hard to narrow things down and there could be bonus photos. 

I'd love for you to follow along, or even join in. Let me know!

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