Monday, February 20, 2017

Photo Project February 2017 - Photo A Day - Day 20

It was a three day weekend, that ended with a fun busy day; an unexpected play date, picking up our boy from his weekend camp, then cooking dinner for a friend with a newborn. It was so lovely for our youngest to have another little girl to play with, it's just a different level of play.

*As in years past, I am once again doing a February photo project and will post a photo a day. It may only be one month of the year, but I love to look back on these photos and it never hurts to have a bit of discipline. No real rules, just our life documented a little. Maybe there'll be captions, maybe not, there could be the occasional phone photo thrown in on busier days and sometimes it may be hard to narrow things down and there could be bonus photos.

 I'd love for you to follow along, or even join in. Let me know!

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